“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.”


I'm Chrissy, an international award-winning photographer from Cape Town, South Africa – I am also a wife & a mommy of two aswell as the proud founder & owner of Artifex Creative Photography.

I don't just do photography - this is what I have been called to do. With over 10 years of experience I have found a deep passion for creative contemporary style portraiture & I love working with woman and turning what they see as imperfections into BEAUTY.

I have a beautiful studio, a true little gem, hidden away on the Hoogekraal farm just outside of Durbanville. Here each client is welcomed by my dedicated team of professionals who are ready to assist in making each client look and feel more beautiful than ever before. Woman look at themselves in mirrors everyday, and so often dislike the girl looking back - Allow me to show you once what others see - A BEAUTIFUL you.

Love, Chrissy xxx

Artifex Chrissy Bruwer

“I don't just do photography - this is my calling”

My proudest moments as a photographer

My proudest moments as a photographer

“In the heart of lockdown in 2020, Just as the president announced the closing of businesses - Level 5 … This beautiful maternity image took 2nd place in it's category - Scoring a massive 82% … It was most def that silver lining to a very dark cloud ...”

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Artifex Awards Maternity
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